An Introduction To Microsoft Hololens.
What is Microsoft Hololens?

Microsoft’s vision for the future is, it’s fair to say, one that not too many of us were expecting. Launched during the Windows 10 keynote with all the cloak and dagger reveal of a Jobsian ‘one
more thing…’ it became the headline story of the talk. this was undeniably a curve ball from the redmond giant.

But what kind of curveball exactly? Well, what it definitely is not is microsoft’s take on google glass.
holoLens is not an optical hUd and, while glass Explorers might be ridiculed and even viciously beaten for ‘exploring’ in public, you’d almost certainly be arrested if you approached a bank cashier wearing holoLens.

Yet that’s nothing to the trouble you’d be in should you even step near a petrol station or jittery downtown corner shop wearing oculus rift. Awesome it is. pretty it ain’t. and while it’s of closer comparison to holoLens than glass is, it’s still not quite the direct competitor to microsoft’s offering.

Rift locks you into a wholly virtual world whereas microsoft embraces the real world, showing its users pinning apps to living room walls and tinkering with projections of motorcycles.

Microsoft has effectively produced a micro pc that is hooked up to a set of high-definition holographic lenses, which it projects its 3d experience on 19 to. this, combined with spatial sound technology, creates wholly immersive Vr that promises to redefine Windows 10 apps… if the launch video is to be believed, anyway.

And that’s what’s making us very excited. Early hands-on reviews with development units have been both positive and profound. seen-it-all before technology journalists are genuinely excited about holoLens’s commercial, creative and educational potential.

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