Astronauts need 3D printers, despite their not-so-luxurious lifestyles. You must be wondering about the need of a 3D printer in an astronaut’s life.

Well, there is a relevant answer too. Stuff breaks in space and replacement of the same is not an easy task while someone is in the space.

So, to help those folks, Made in Space has designed a 3D printer that sidesteps Earth’s gravity, when it is used in the orbit. The 3D printer, known as the Zero-G printer, is not made of molten filament but its surface tension holds a widget.

There are plans to make a gizmo that would allow astronauts to melt tools. Made in Space has focused on cost-effective measures.

The team is also planning 3Dprinting robots, which will be sent to Mars or the Moon. Several tests have been performed on parabolic plane flights by Made in Space that says 15 to 20 minutes are required for complete parts to be printed.

The printer has been designed to be operated from the ground, most of the time.

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