LG EG9900 4k TV

Curved TVs are hotter than Oman in summer right now, but while they’re perfect for watching two-abreast, when there’s a room full of people, those in the middle can’t see diddly. Lg’s revolutionary bendable screen could solve that irksome problem by adapting to your needs with its flexible display.

Instead of pigeon-holing you with either flat or curved, Lg’s bendable tV can, rather brilliantly, do both. When it’s just you and a friend, go curved for maximum immersion.

When you’ve got friends around, a wave of the tV’s remote will make the display instantly flex into a flat position, so everyone gets a slice of the action.

LG is really pushing the organic technology found inside its panels, and the Eg9900 features the same oLEd spec, giving this screen impeccably bright and vibrant colours and perfect blacks. With ‘just’ a 4K resolution to contend with, you can lap up all that glorious 4K content rearing its head right now.

Yes, its 77-inch screen is a little bit gargantuan, but the cool, bendable technology will eventually trickle down to the smaller models, so you won’t necessarily have to build a man cave to justify your rather ott purchase, though you should.

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